Direct Wound Care - Tay Sha Howell, MD

Direct Wound Care - Tay Sha Howell, MD
This provider specializes in: Wound Care

Personalized wound care means treatment is focused on putting the patient first and healing as quickly as possible. Direct Wound Care offers expertise in general wound care as well as advanced therapies such as biologic grafts, casting, compression, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO), and negative pressure therapy.

From simple wounds to complex and chronic ulcers and from pediatric to geriatric, Dr. Tay Sha Howell has the professional knowledge necessary to treat your wound.

With an emphasis on the doctor-patient relationship, Dr. Howell's practice offers a simple way to access specialist services in a private office setting. Direct Wound Care is not a hospital based wound center with a large staff. In the rare instance that a patient's wound needs more comprehensive services, a referral would be facilitated to optimize care.

Treatment options are discussed regarding effectiveness, practicality, and cost, allowing the best care for each patient.

You can visit Direct Wound Care - Tay Sha Howell, MD online at https://www.directwoundcare.net/

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