Oklahoma Proton Center

Oklahoma Proton Center
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Oklahoma Proton Center is one of only thirty-five proton centers in the United States. Proton therapy is the world's most advanced form of radiation treatment and suits many types of cancers and tumors. Most often, if radiation is part of a patient's treatment plan, proton therapy is an option.

Unlike common radiation treatments that use x-rays or photons, such as IMRT and Cyberknife, physicians are able to stop protons inside the tumor to spare the surrounding healthy tissue and organs. This decrease in unnecessary radiation exposure significantly reduces the risks of side-effects and secondary cancers compared to traditional radiation therapies.

Oklahoma Proton Center opened in 2009 as the 6th Proton Center in the Nation. With over a decade of experience in pioneering and delivering proton therapy, we are continuing the advancement of cancer care and working tirelessly to improve our patients' lives both during and after treatment.

You can visit Oklahoma Proton Center online at https://www.okcproton.com/

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